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Proper Rooting/Unrooting Guide for atvX v2 and other roms

Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 3:11 pm
by Nayam
I know the current root system sucks, the binary is outdated and unrooting is hard too but fear not! Here I am to the rescue :')

This is the guide to properly root your atvX device without any hassles or prior knowledge.

1. Enable Root from Settings

2. Download the apk mentioned at the end.

3. Install the above apk in your box.

4. You will now see a superSU icon on the home screen, click and open it.

5. It will now tell you that your binary is outdated, just click ok and click Normal option.

6. Wait for a few seconds and it will tell you that your binary has now been updated.

7. Enjoy full SU rights with a root manager.

8. You can even fully unroot the device from the SuperSU settings! Just go to settings in SuperSU, scroll down and select Full Unroot ... d/download