[HELP] Linking video streaming app to Google (search results)

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[HELP] Linking video streaming app to Google (search results)


Post by Webslinger » Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:20 am

A video streaming app I use should work with the build in Google (voice)search function, but it has to be linked to Google in the Google settings on the device.
That function in the Google settings does exist, but does not seem to work;
I get a message saying that some of the Google services for this process are missing and I should contact the developer.

I have manually updated Google Play services and I updated the Google app itself to the latest version, the problem remains :-(

Does anyone know what files could be missing and if there is away to install them / fix this problem?

I could try installing Google Home, but that feels like overkill because I don't have any smart devices in my home, and just need the (voice)search function to work.

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