[HELP] Romcode/Initialize DDR/Download buffer/Read item data failed  [SOLVED]

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[HELP] Romcode/Initialize DDR/Download buffer/Read item data failed


Post by rmallia » Wed Sep 04, 2019 8:44 pm

Hi Getting this error on trying to flash... anyone knows why please? below full log:

[22:26:04 764][HUB1-2][Inf]--Start burning...
[22:26:04 826][HUB1-2][Inf]--------------ERASE BOOTLOADER------------
[22:26:04 826][HUB1-2][Inf]--2-2-0-0
[22:26:04 826][HUB1-2][Inf]-------------Download DDR.USB-----------
[22:26:04 826][HUB1-2][Inf]--2-2-0-0
[22:26:04 826][HUB1-2][Inf]--Control write pll reg1 0xd9000000:0x000000b1
[22:26:05 333][HUB1-2][Inf]--Control write pll reg1 0xd9000000:0x00005183
[22:26:05 834][HUB1-2][Inf]--Write initial succeed
[22:26:05 834][HUB1-2][Inf]--Upload encrypt at 0xc8100228
[22:26:05 834][HUB1-2][Inf]--ulValue = 0xbdfc31bc
[22:26:05 834][HUB1-2][Inf]--File change to DDR_ENC.USB
[22:26:05 834][HUB1-2][Inf]--Read encrypt value succeed
[22:26:05 834][Global][Err]--DDR_ENC.USB
[22:26:05 834][Global][Err]--DDR_ENC.USB
[22:26:05 834][HUB1-2][Err]--Read item data error, code -1
[22:26:05 834][Global][Err]--DDR_ENC.USB
[22:26:05 834][HUB1-2][Err]--[0x10103005]Romcode/Initialize DDR/Download buffer/Read item data failed
[22:26:05 834][HUB1-2][Inf]--Close device handle 0x00000a3c

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