A95x Nexbox Failure to erase error / no SD card or cocktail works

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A95x Nexbox Failure to erase error / no SD card or cocktail works

Post by zoopakev » Wed Dec 05, 2018 1:36 am


Thought i'd give the rom (F) a go on a new A95x (S905x) that I'd just upgraded to andoid 7 from 6. Played around with it for a bit but then decided to go back to either android 6 or 7 stock roms. No matter which method I try I cant remove / wipe the (F) version of the rom or write over it. I cant do it via the sd slot / card as the AV port cocktail stick method doesnt work anymore (I'm perplexed here). Went to try via USB burning tool (12), box is picked up fine, but when I try to install any new rom, even (F) or (FF) I continually get the error:

[0x00101004] Erase bootloader/Lowper/Identify/Error result

Any help would be appreciated. I'm more curious than anything to be honest

addition: tried updating to newest butning tool (16) and got a bit further running it as admin, but eventually a new error:

[0x00101002] Erase bootloader/Lowper/Identify/USB Control Setup Error

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Post by bumerc » Wed Dec 05, 2018 6:27 am

Open the case and take a picture of the processor and RAM.

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