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New Box from Mecool has built-in fan!

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 1:50 am
by ricklar
Amlogic S912 runs hot with stock firmwares. Finally a manufacture is adding a fan 3 years later, lol.

Gearbest Link:

I actually would buy this if it was slightly cheaper, maybe 15% lower price or Flash Sale, and if you look at the spec sheet it says "Android 8.1" but I believe is a misprint because in the pictures it shows 7.1 icon.

Device not even in Gearbest warehouses yet, and they are offering a coupon code deal.

16% OFF MECOOL M8S Max TV Box $69.99

After Coupon: $58.99

Coupons left: 100
*Note Coupons expire in 43days or when and if all 100 are claimed.

Coupon code: