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My Build.prop Edit

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:36 am
by ricklar
Nayam The build.prop tweaks at end of v2G build.prop are not formatted correct, has "set prop" inserted before code. Don't think the shell prompt /set prop/ works in that file 🤣

I been running a customized build.prop in v2FF and should work for v2G/V2H. Fell free to review and/or use. I have the H96 Pro+ so some lines have that inserted in. The file is named build.prop.txt so easy to review, if want to install remove { .txt } by renaming it and using a Root explorer copy+paste it to /system/ to overwrite original and Set Permission: rw- r-- r--


Warning: If you don't set permissions correct you may brick your device. And be sure to remove the .txt from end of file if copy/paste it in.

Edit: Only use in 3GB Ram devices.