[INSTALL] Common USB Burning Tool Errors and Fixes

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[INSTALL] Common USB Burning Tool Errors and Fixes


Post by Nayam » Mon Dec 24, 2018 5:07 pm


So, having problems with usb burning tool?
Well, here's how you do it. Don't forget to reply to this topic if you want to add anything.
1. Don't forget to plug in power cable if you get lowper error.

2. If your device isn't getting detected, even after pushing the reset button, try shorting nand pins. You can find a video tutorial on mxq project YouTube channel.

3. DDR Error? Tried using different ddr version atvX? DDR3, DDR4, LPDDR to name a few.

4. Flashed but not working? Try flashing again, or a different image. Still getting a black screen?
a) If you see the bootlogo but not the UI after booting, try atvx on a 1080p tv.
b) If you don't see anything at all, the device is incompatible, Sorry😅

5. 7% Uboot error? Try another image or version. Chances are, your box uses a modded uboot which doesn't accept other original uboot partitions. Fix? Point 6.

6. 2GB/3GB RAM but after flashing it's 1GB/2GB? You've got a fake box. Your uboot was modified to read wrong dtb header to show more RAM than the actual physical one(maybe). The only way to fix(fake your ram) this is unpacking atvx and your stock rom to level 1 with Ricky's customization tool and replacing your stock's system, boot, recovery and bootloader partitions with atvx's and re-packing.
Contribute more points by commenting below :D
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