Are You Waiting for Xiaomi Mi Band 4?

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The new Mi Band 4 will ditch the monochrome display and bring onboard a colored screen with a more attractive UI. To withstand the colored display power requirements, Mi Band 4 will pack a 135mAh battery instead of 110mAh on Mi Band 3. The Mi Band 4 will come in two variants - one with NFC with model number XMSH08HM and a non-NFC version with model number XMSH07HM. Both variants will have Bluetooth 5.0 to offer improved connectivity and better power efficiency than the Mi Band 3, which uses Bluetooth 4.2.

There's a slight change in its design compared to the Mi Band 3. Gone is the recessed button, which is replaced by a circular halo touch-sensitive button. There is also a change in the Mi Band 4's charging cradle, which now covers the whole body rather than being attached at one end of the sensor unit.

The Mi Band 4 will have improved heart rate monitoring and come with Xiaomi's AI voice assistant - Xiao AI, making it the first Mi Band device to do so.

As with all previous Mi Band updates, the fourth generation would bring new features while honouring the low price of its predecessors. So it looks like we can look forward to a cutting-edge fitness tracker that keeps that price tag reasonable. More details will be updated soon:
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