Boot.img patched su binary for X96mini (1/8)  [SOLVED]

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Boot.img patched su binary for X96mini (1/8)  [SOLVED]


Post by limit_breaker765 » Fri Mar 20, 2020 4:40 pm

I got the boot.img, yield fillings of binaries su had a Chainfire from installing via TWRP. but I find the device lost rooted, after /data is wiped.
because the binaries on the /su/bin/su is the installation of the partition loop device in the/data/su.img. so My fix, so that the su/bin/su no longer depends on /data/su.img.
I put su in /sbin/su.
in install to /system/xbin/su, then the symbolic link to /su/bin/su on every booting.
file at ... 6mini.html

my spec X96mini ... 87&lang=en

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