[ROM] atvX v4 - AndroidTV 9.0 (S905W)

TX3 Mini, X96 Mini, W95 to name a few...
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File no longer available.

atvX-s905w-ap6330-v4.x.7z (795 MB, GDrive)
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hey guys has there been any development on the SPDIF output? I have just installed it to my AX9 MAX with S905W and SPDIF does not work. I see the option to use SPDIF in the menu but it does not work. I have tried every possible setting combination. I have also messed aoround with droid settings inside the app drawer. nothing.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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dai_atlas wrote: Sat Jun 19, 2021 11:11 am
sameerb44 wrote: Fri Jun 18, 2021 1:43 pm Can anybody confirms that optical audio port working or not?? Coz my tanix tx3 max with 4.3 not working .. ☹️
Works! 4.3 on A95X F1 (S905W/2GB/16GB)
I tried it with my TV box and SPDIF optical out is not working :(. I've tried every combination of settings... nothing works. no light. no output
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I'm upgrade to 4.3v in my box TX3mini 1mb ram 8Gb 2.4 wifi, it does not have bluetooth circuit...mini keyboard dongle fine 8), no lags ! smooth wheel ! Perfect ! 8) Only front display led off 8)
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Hi, i updated but HBO Max and Disney+ has no sound.

Can someone help me? It's a x96 mini

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Installed on mxqpro 4k it works well, but with the G10S pro remote control the voice command don't work. Is there a solution please thank you
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Hi, I have T95 S1 2/16GB bricked.

I did read some comments after bricking device where some drivers may not be open to develope properly atvX v4.
I have tried several Roms TS10022, MBOXT0021, but none worked with 2GB Ram. I have S905W 20190308-v1.4

I have seen some folks with same or similar box who were able to build atvX but none of download links are working. Can you please help ?

Thanks !
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x96 mini ye yükledim hiç bir sorun yok mükemmel çalışıyor. elinize emeğinize sağlık .

I installed it on x96 mini, there is no problem, it works perfectly. good luck with your work
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atw x 5 merakla bekliyorum
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Hye everybody, first of all I want to congratulate with you for the great and nice job done.
Well, I contact you because I have installed the atvX_s905w_4.3 on my X96 mini TV box and all gone fine, but when I try to use Prime Video app I am able to login with my account, to see the trailers but when I try to see any video the app say to me that there is a problem with the TV connection.
I have to say that all the process to login gone fine but in my Amazon's devices there is not trace of a new android TV device.
Could you help me to solve this problem?

P.S.: even Netflix has problems to start, but I am more interested with my Prime Video account!!!
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