[ROM] atvX v4 - AndroidTV 9.0 (S905X)

MiBox, X96 to name a few...
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em3ka wrote: Sat Jun 05, 2021 3:48 am
tonyviscarra wrote: Sat Jun 05, 2021 3:22 am i am trying on an rtl8189...
tonyviscarra wrote: Sat Jun 05, 2021 3:22 am ...and ap6330
Have tried the beta version MXQ Pro+ 4k s905x ap6330, it's stuck at android logo.
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I have been able to install v4 on my x96 but the issue is during the setup, when i select the language of choice, the device reboots.

Also now the device is not visible on the usb burning tool. Nor the se card method works.
Is there any way to bring it back to older firmware.
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Just to update, i replaced the power source from the round power port to the usb org port.

Now the device is usable but still not able to discover in the usb burning tool
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welltellme wrote: Sun Jun 13, 2021 11:35 am ...still not able to discover in the usb burning tool
Search for Mask ROM mode in forum.
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Hello mates, a superb ROM, I run it at my android TV box, nexbox a95x since last year. Very smooth. Is there any OTA or/and zip updates for the current ROM please or will have to wait for a next ROM let's say android TV 10?
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Good evening everyone.
I confirm the flash of "atvXperience_v4_S905X_RT_BCM" Multi wi-fi on LeelBox S1 1/8 Gb S905X with UBT 2.2.0
Everything works perfectly; it is a perfect rom, it works very well even on the box with 1gb of ram; great idea to add the Shutdown button with the various options.
I also tested it on the T95M 2/8 Gb S905X box: perfect installation, wi-fi -> OK, the only problem is the usb ports that don't work, in fact I have to use the remote control and I can't use a mini-usb keyboard .
It should be noted that the box has n. 2 usb ports + n. 1 micro-usb otg port from which you make the flash.
I encountered the same problem with the flash of the AtvX 5 Beta version.
However I can confirm that with the standard stock rom and with the Aidan version 7.5 rom the usb ports work.
Now I ask you: Has anyone had the same problem?
Thanks so much for any suggestions
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Hello everyone

I have a Mini M8S II s905X (8/2) and yesterday I installed this rom (APXXX Wi-Fi buildin version). Everything seems to be ok and working, command and WIFI. Only my Amazon video prime account doesn't give me HD or UHD (and UHD logo appears). Can someone give me a help or clarification?

EDIT: I found this stuff AmazonPrimeFullHDfix [MAGISK 20+].zip. Can someone explain this? And how to install? through Magisk?
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Any news - feedback from the brand new ATV experience V5? I am really sorry that I am posting here though I haven't seen any other posts regarding V5 discussion
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Hi, I tried to search this topic but I get an error so I don't know if the ROM for the Mecool M8S Pro+ was posted before. It has a S905X with 2GB in ram and a SCI S9082C wifi, can anynoe give me a hand?


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rtorresz wrote: Sun Dec 26, 2021 11:33 pmS9082C
This chip is not supported.
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