[HELP] Post a DMESG .log

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atvXperience v4 firmware comes with the pre-installed Terminal Emulator - open app and execute the following command:

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dmesg > /sdcard/dmesg_log.txt
Post the dmesg_log.txt file, which you now find in /sdcard directory on the device main (internal) storage.
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For those who have not been able to create the dmesg log I did it in the following way.

1. I installed the Minimal ABD and Fastboot program on my PC.
2. In the TV Box with atvX V4 I opened the App included ADB over Ethernet and I gave it Start.
3. I opened the Minimal ADB and Fastboot program on the PC and wrote in the ADB console the information provided by the ADB over Ethernet App of the TV Box (it appears: adb connect, with this the TV Box is connected to the PC.
4. Once connected, I wrote the following in the ADB console: adb shell dmesg, and with this we obtain the desired information.
5. Then copy and paste that information into Notepad and save it as a .txt file by calling it dmesg.

This is the file that developers need to identify problems and correct them in the software.
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