H96 Pro Plus unbrick

H96 Pro, X98 Pro, TX9 Pro to name a few...
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I bricked my Box while flashing due to a faulty/fake SD Card. There is no Signal on the HDMI anymore but the LEDs still turn on. The name of the Box was still showing up on the TV at first but after first flashing attempts via USB the Box is not recognized anymore.

It's the CZ-S32-V5 LPDDR3 Model with Sandisk chip.

I successfully flashed about 15 different ROMs with the USB Burning Tool 2.0.8 but still no HDMI Output.

I also tried the pin shorting Method with a few ROMs. I wasn't sure if I'm shortening the right pins so i even tried shorting every pair of pins which are next to each other.

Is there anything else I can try? Can somebody maybe recommend a ROM that could work? I was trying to revive the Box for the last 3 days and don't want to give up after all that work..
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Try another power supply as a last resort’ i just bought a h96 pro+ from Amazon it was only £11 to find that the psu that came with it was faulty that every time I turned the box on once loaded it would start on the main screen then suddenly jump to no signal on screen so i tried another 5v 2a adapter and bosh i have a working box’ and it’s quite common on these box’s for the psu to fail.
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