[HELP] mxq pro+ 4k 0x312e0902 check para error 4% stuck,and sdcard reset loop

MiBox, X96 to name a few...
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mxq_s905x_d4 v1.1

After almost 2 years i have acces again to my s905x again with UB tool (reset button not working) with reset nanad trick.

The following errors appeared:

1 0x32030201 diskinterneal error 7%

2 0x30403003 8%

3 and the latest one is 0x312e0902 check para error till 4%

What to do to get past 4%?

I have tried different ub tools,remove usb in out,refresh,erase option full.

I can post output from ub 220 216 and from putty uart,the uart output is most garbage !! :grimacing:

Or is the nand or memory broken ? unfixable ?

Edit 1 : some more discovery !! ,now i know of what happend 2years ago !!!,it was in reset loop,because if i do a sdcard with recovery img in my device,power on,it runs directly without touching the reset or nand reset button !!! and then the android logo with red cross appears,
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