[QUESTION] Possible someone can compile a working img for my MXQ Pro clone

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I have a s905x MXQ Pro clone. Box has the edal 4K logo on it. It has 1GB of RAM (8GB NAND)
The pcb does not have much indication of model except some sort of generic timestamp M9 S905X20161031v3.1.
1GB RAM is comprise of 2 x MIRA p3p4gf4blf DDR3 chip (DEUTRON)
8GB NAND is a SK Hynix H27UCG8T2ETR chip
Wifi=Realtek RT8189ES (no built-in BT)

I have tried almost every single Aidan's (Android7) image and only found one that flashes successfully,boots up and operational. I download from a link from another forum thread. The thread https://forum.freaktab.com/forum/tv-pla ... idtv-7-1-2 is stale for over 2 years.
The img download link is still good at the moment, https://mega.nz/#!jQ8HWIoQ!ubMpueVYGPA_ ... Od6vX91wkw

Is there anyway, the img can be unpacked and look at what worked and uses in the newer AndroidTV?

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