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hi everyone, my first post here,
I have 2 TVBoxes here for repairs and I don't know how to fix them properly, so lemme explain the issues:

First TVBox is a MXQ Pro 4k with android 11.1
The issue with this TVBox is that it is overheating and losing image, customer also doesn't know why this happens, only knows that it happens.
I noticed that Ethernet wasn't working on the device, only wi-fi. After factory resetting the device, the ethernet port started working again, but the image loss still happens.
Is that a firmware issue? Any tips on how should I troubleshoot it?

Second TVBox is another MXQ Pro 4k but I don't know the android version
The device came in with system not working, did a factory reset and wi-fi stopped working. Tried another factory reset but same issue, then proceeded to flash a MX9 ROM, named "mxq4k-6051-nv2-1114 (ROM MXQ 4k original)" device only showed yellow light and didn't boot.
After that tried flashing other MX9/MXQ roms, but same issue remained. Then I found one MXQ-MX9 image that would be flashed by RK Android Tool, the tool recognized the device and showed no errors with version, after flashing the device only shows a red light and the computer doesn't detect it anymore. What can I do to start troubleshooting it?
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