Hisense 55RG Setup Wizard Loop

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I have a Hisense 55RG. My TV was working completely fine, until I decided to choose the “setup wizard” option in the settings under “support.”

My TV was already setup perfectly, but curiosity got the better of me.

It asked me to restart my TV to start the setup wizard process. Since then, I’ve been stuck in a setup wizard loop. I cannot get past the “Improve your TV” section, as when I click yes/no I am met with a blank grey screen and can’t do anything.

I have tried unplugging the TV for various periods of time, anywhere from 10 mins to an entire day, but that has not fixed anything.

I have looked in every forum, subreddit, used 50+ different worded combinations in Google to try and find a solution to this but I can’t find anything.

I do not know any remote button combinations to open up service/recovery menu’s but if anyone knows of any for this remote

https://www.tvremotecontrols.com.au/wp- ... 00x600.jpg
then that’d be very helpful.

I am in the midst of trying to contact Hisense for support but it’s hard to get ahold of them, and I’ve been recommended other support websites but they cost $40-$50 which I am not paying.

If anyone has anything that’d be really helpful. Thank you!
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